Innovation in Business Q2 2022

Collaborative Project Management including user training to its clients for better user experience. DigiDumpling achieved over 100% growth on revenue per year within its first three years, and also during this time, the team expanded from one member of staff to fifteen. With its stable client base, growing reputation and expanding team, it is seeing a surge in the market demand of digital transformation and technology consultancy, and is exploring the next technology trends such as IOT, O2O and big data analysis with its competitive core competence in order to stand out from the intense market competition and be the market leader and trendsetter. The company’s rapid business growth is seeing it planning to expand to a branch office in Taiwan this year, and a second branch office in China by 2022. Being in a male-dominated industry, female entrepreneurs are rarely seen. DigiDumpling prides itself on its intrinsic nature of keen eye for detail, sensitivity, emphasis on experience and support to others which helps it to better focus on the people side/user experience in technology. It also becomes an asset to its clients as they are not expecting to find a technician or coding guy, but they want to find an architect to build a wonderful online experience together. DigiDumpling believes that technology is not just about logic and coding; its core should be about collaboration and relationships with people. The company is also happy to see more females playing different roles in the IT industry and is glad to be able to provide more job opportunities to them as an employer. Company: DigiDumpling Ltd Contact: Cherry Huang Website: Email: [email protected]