Technology Innovator Awards 2022

Apr21077 Best Analog-Signal IC Company - Hong Kong Caelus Technologies Limited is a fabless semiconductor chip company, specialising in high performance data converters – Analog-To-Digital Converter [ADC]/Digital-To-Analog Converter [DAC]. The privately held company, with offices in Shenzhen, was founded in 2018 by two technologists and a deep technology entrepreneur with a track record of building successful world-class companies. It provides solutions in a wide range of applications such as instrumentation, medical imaging, data acquisition, sensors, wireless/wireline communications, and more. “Power consumption of chip is now very important criteria that can reduce a lot of electrical fees for end-users or extend their battery life for use,” explains Chi Fung, one of the founding members of Caelus. “We set Caelus’ initial product to work for Intellectual Property and for the design to be embedded in other chip companies for a single chip system. However, IP business scale is much smaller than standard chip business. So, after the first year of establishment, we adjusted our products to be standard chip instead of an IP. Second, Caelus is focused on low power data converters that not only increase a product’s efficiency but also reduces customer cost. Therefore, we set Caelus as a high-performance data converter chip company who offers low-power consumption.” Chi Fung has more than 15 years of hands-on design experience in analog/ mixed-signal architectures and circuits with expertise in data converters. Prior to founding Caelus, he worked at Huawei, Credo Semiconductor, ASTRI, and Fujitsu Semiconductor. Working in such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, Chi Fung and the others at the company must ensure they remain at the cutting-edge of new developments to remain best placed to meet their clients’ needs. “Persistent innovation is a core competitiveness of Caelus,” Chi Fung elaborates. “CAE2200 is one of our high-speed data converter products; it is superior to ADI and TI’s top products by 28% in sampling rate, whereas consuming only 55% power consumption from them. We attracted a lot of interested customers in pipeline to use it in direct-RF sampling transceiver products that have over at least US$1B every year.” This pioneering product greatly reduces power consumption, boosts data rate, and supports wider bandwidth. In the next five years, Chi Fungpredicts thatdirect-RFsampling data converters will be highly used to replace traditional homodyne or heterodyne transceivers as they provide lower BoM cost, lower power consumption, and greater flexibility/ configurability. With customers in wireless/wireline communication aspects already highly interested CaelusTechnologies Limited (Caelus) provides ultra-highperformancestandalonechip realisedby its patent architecture and techniques for high resolution and/or high-speed data converters. We profile the firm and find out more about its innovative products from founding member, Chi Fung, as it celebrates being named in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. in Caelus’ products, Chi Fung plans to approach Chinese hardware manufacturers first, demonstrate thechip in aTSMCcollaboration platform, and present the test results at a top international conference. Despite its mightily innovative nature, the team behind these revolutionary products is comprised of only seven people, however everyone must pull together to keep on innovation, and no-one is more important than anyone else within the team. “Our staff all have different functions,” Chi Fung states. “We have technical staff, and engineers in R&D responsible for creating new methods, and engineers in product development for making our products using our invented technologies. Both types of engineers are equally important in driving company breakthrough in technology. “Our internal culture is free as long as colleagues can accomplish the assigned tasks, and we have high bonus and share options provided for colleagues so that they can enjoy the growth of Caelus.” Recently, the firm achieved international recognition in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 and was named Best Analog-Signal IC Company - Hong Kong. Regarding the future, Chi Fung expects to see more and more companies working in high-performance data converters. Since 98% of the market is dominated by ADI and TI, and the industry is expected to grow to an annual value of US$8B by 2027 in terms of standalone chip sales but excluded IP embedded in a system-on-chip, as it has a large space of new players. Over the past couple of years, Caelus has occupied more of an R&D phase for making superior products to market. Now, Chi Fung can expect strong company growth over the next five years, starting with the introduction to market of a new product, and he has high hopes for continued success with his competent team at the helm. “In 2023, one product in precision data converter (8-channel simultaneous sampling, 16b 200KS/s ADC) will appear in market,” he explains. “One high speed product (12.8GS/s 12b ADC) will appear in publication that has 28% higher in sampling rate compared to ADI/TI’s top products whereas consumes only 55% power consumption from them. “A small team and a scarce resource do not stop our dream to realise a successful chip company. We believe that our innovation can eventually make our dream come true.” Contact: Chi Fung Company: Caelus Technologies Limited Web Address: Nov 2113 caelus®