Technology Innovator Awards 2022

Most Innovative Remote Information Technology Company - Barcelona Jesús explains, “Every month we study in the management committee all the proposals and we give one as the winner which has a financial prize associated with it. All ideas are valid. The criteria for selecting one or another is as simple as the one that is the most practical for the client and that is easiest to apply. There are no limits to any idea, we simply want to give the best of each person’s vision.” The aim is to ensure that all suggestions are responded to and an explanation is provided as to why they are chosen or not. Jesús says, “I think the key is there: if you ask your team for involvement and opinions, the minimum is that everyone has feedback and not discard any idea. All are valid, but it is different if it is the easiest to execute, implement and be clear about the benefits it will bring to the customer, employees and therefore to FacTECH.” Ultimately, Jesús concludes that FacTECH is “not doing badly”, sharing that the year 2022 will close “with an average growth of 300% in all delegations, both in financial results and in employee growth, reaching some of [its] delegations with a growth of 500%.” Company: FacTECH Servicios Informaticos srl Contact: Jesús Méndez MUR Email: [email protected] Website: