Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 Thanks to its innovative approach, pioneering new concepts, and commitment to sustainability, Tomorrowspace was recently recognised in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 and crowned with the prestigious accolade of Most Immersive Virtual Content Company – Dorset. Now, as Troy and the team prepare for the future, it seems that the focus will very much be on getting the word out there that it’s not all about virtual reality headsets and sci-fi! “‘Metaverse’ has become a bit of a buzzword in the media of late,” he says. “At a consumer level, the Metaverse is about convenience and immersivity, and this can come in many forms. Augmented Reality especially is something we’ll be pushing – your phone has quite literally become a portal to amazing experiences.” Contact: Troy Hodgson Company: Tomorrowspace Web Address: Most Immersive Virtual Content Company - Dorset Based inBournemouth, Tomorrowspace isavirtual retail ande-commerceplatformhelpingbrands toengagewith the new generation of online audience. We step inside the Metaverse to find out more from CEO, Troy Hodgeson, as the firmcelebrates a win in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. a A virtual store platform to supercharge brands and engage a new generation of online audience, Tomorrowspace weaves immersive visuals, striking realism, and storytelling touchpoints in the Metaverse andWeb 3.0 to captivate and engage like no other online retail platform. “Our concept is ‘experience first’, driving engagement, awareness, and conversion by taking audiences on an authentic journey to the heart of your brand,” explains Chief Executive Officer, Troy Hodgson. “With our platform, you don’t have to abandon your aesthetic to innovate.” A bespoke store design and dedicated stand-alone retailer app allows customers to update products and customise positioning in line with their physical proposition, ensuring a fully integrated omni-channel approach. Advanced analytics and heatmapping are provided within the platform to evaluate and give real-time metrics to further improve the visitor experience. With online advertising changing, the future of the web and online will place much more emphasis on an ‘experience first’ approach. “Over the past 24 months, we’ve seen lots of high-end brands begin to experiment with the metaverse andWeb 3.0 – albeit in a low-fi sense, which can be a little jarring,” Troy continues. “We come from industry experience in 3D design and high-end architecture, so we are perfectly positioned to develop these solutions, but in a way that maintains a sense of brand integrity.” Troyhimselfboastsmorethan15years’worth ofexperienceindesign,communication,and virtualenvironmentsforbrands, institutions, andcompanies.Passionateabout innovation anddrivingretailengagement,plusaproven expert indesign,3D,collaboration,anddigital transformation,Troyisbringingbrandstolife throughaugmentedandvirtual realityapplications. Recently, Tomorrowspace undertook an innovative, industry-first project with renowned paint company, Farrow & Ball, to help them launch 11 new paint colours to the world. Troy talks us through the project. “We designed and created a virtual tour around a digital house where visitors can see (and purchase) the new paints in all different styles of rooms,” he enthuses. “The project was massively successful and had more than 50,000 visits in its first few days alone. A lot of people have since asked if the house is real rather than 3D – a lovely compliment and testament to the skill of our 3D team!” Taking time to understandand keepon topof advances in the field is key toTomorrowspace and, as technology progresses, Troy predicts that it will undoubtedly becomemore challenging tocreatea company that has all the expertise needed todevelop long-termsolutions for clients. Therefore, growing relationships and partnershipswith experts is an essential key focus for the team. Alsocrucial is to become as environmentally-friendlyand sustainablea business as possible. “We have a deep responsibility to do everything in our power to make sure our business has as little impact as possible on the environment,” he states. “Our servers are all green and our office energy is provided by a green supplier.” Nov 2 16