Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 unique as g-Nomic® is capable, in just a few seconds, of giving an overview of a patient’s situation with the medication, such as drug interactions, drug lifestyle (this includes food patient may be eating that can affect negatively with medication, food supplements, medicinal plants), inhibitions, and inductions. Ana gives us an oncology example of how g-Nomic® might work. “Currently in the field of oncology, it is a common practice to prescribe drugs directed to block metabolites expressed in a patient’s tumour,” she begins. “This is pharmacogenomics of the tumour. In other words, the oncology doctor will be sure that medication will be effective on the tumour. However, how is that medication going to affect the patient according to his genes? Depending on the patient’s genetics, the drug target for the tumour can have the expected effect or on the contrary toxicity or therapeutic failure. That can only be answered with a pharmacogenetics test. That is our speciality: to avoid toxicity or inefficiency in the treatment. g-Nomic® can predict it for any speciality.” For its pioneering approach and innovative advances in the field of personalised medicine, Eugenomic recently gained recognition in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 for its work with g-Nomic®. Now, as Ana looks to a bright future for the firm, she tells us how it plans to move forward over the next 12 months. “This year, we are targeting laboratories that have expertise in doing genetics and need to hand in expert reports in pharmacogenetics and preventive medicine,” she says. “Pharmacogenetics testing is not an easy task. There are not many companies specialised in that area due to the complexity. Laboratories know how to generate raw data; however, they lack the knowledge in interpretation. Our reporting module is the perfect solution for them.” She adds, “We are also launching the EugenomicTrainingAcademy, to train clinicians in pharmacogenetics and genomic personalisedmedicine.” Contact: Ana Sabater Company: Eugenomic SL Web Address: Best Genomic PersonalizedMedicine& Pharmacogenetics Firm Creating personalised prescriptions that could prevent most adverse drug reactions and save lives is the rationale behind Eugenomic SL’s (Eugenomic) pioneering software that integrates interactions between drugs, the patient’s genetics, and lifestyle habits to gauge the risks associated with medication. We find out more about this revolutionary new tool as Eugenomic is recognised in the Technology Innovator 2022 Awards. Nov 2 58 Eugenomic SL is a leading company in genomic medicine and pharmacogenetics, with more than 12 years’ worth of experience in the field. Born with the aim to develop a unique methodology to apply pharmacogenetics and personalised prescription on the point of care, Eugenomic has been one of the first applied pharmacogenetics companies in Europe to focus on genetic interpretation and pharmacogenetics. Seeing the lack of knowledge in the field, the dedicated team also hopes to fulfil the mission of implementing information, formation, and training addressed to clinicians on practical applications of geneticsgenomics and pharmacogenetics. “We keep the spirit of being a pioneer company by applying modern technology and science achievements in precision medicine,” explains Ana Sabater, Associate Director, who co-founded the company in 2008. What started as the development of a pharmacogenetics tool for clinicians soon evolved into a much larger project for Ana and the team as they realised that clinicians also need a report that will help them understand better matching medications. For that purpose, pharmacogenetics reports were developed. With time, the team also realised that not only was pharmacogenetics of curiosity but also tests with clear recommendations and actions to follow up were of general interest, and with that in mind, they created nutrigenomics, liver detoxification, immunity, gut, dental, oestrogen metabolism, migraine, nicotine addiction, and sporadic breast cancer tests with a personalised perspective to help people achieve a better quality of life. “At the end, much has been said on longevity, but who wants to live 120 years, impaired of movement, or with bad health?” Anna questions. “It is better to have less life span but with full capabilities. Preventive medicine can help each individual to focus on prevention on that specific area that is less strong from the genetics point of view and to maximise that which is strong.” To this end, Eugenomic developed the personalised prescription software g-Nomic®. This unique software allows for ‘prescribing the correct drug, at the right dose, for each patient, according to their genes’. Whilst there are many companies sequencing genetics, there are less doing pharmacogenetics, and even less are those who are able to make correct interpretations. This, Ana elaborates, is what makes Eugenomic