Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 The health sector has become dynamic for all, presenting challenges and opportunities such as the universalisation of access to quality health, decentralisation, financing, the entry of new agents, increasingly informed users, among others. This reality requires a broad, comprehensive, and innovative vision, both from the public and private managers who lead the health sector. This vision must be capable of inspiring and building a response that contributes to a better quality of life of the population and to facilitate a process of responsible and ethical transformation, to achieve an efficient health system. “It is important to recognise the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities created by such a complex scenario which requires new organisational and individual competencies,” Daniel states, telling us that the private health services industry basically maintains two behaviours, which go according to the size of the company. Small and medium-sized companies have chosen to try to maintain their share by applying actions purely for the sale of services, competing with each other mainly for the sale price factor and neglecting customer loyalty strategies or incursion into innovation. At the other extreme we have leading companies in the market that are developing expansion and growth plans, focused on deepening consumer behavior, market agents, and optimising their processes constantly with the use of technology. “In the next year, we will continue to develop actions to maintain and consolidate our leadership position,” continues Daniel. “For this, we will reinforce the strategies for our individual services aimed at large companies, which are aimed at executing specific projects such as: marketing planning, market research, digital marketing in health or advertising campaigns. “We will also strengthen the Comprehensive Plans for small and medium-sized enterprises. Basically, these plans combine all the necessary components of marketing, digital advertising, and market research to achieve results in the short term.” On the other hand, Health Marketing plans to execute tactics related to the diversification and extension of the line, having technology and innovation as the central axis of development. By carrying out specialised marketing actions, companies in the health sector will obtain profitability through patient satisfaction, thus converting their requirements into requirements to improve the service consistently. Daniel continues to tell us that it is important to note that, for the culture of marketing to take root in a health services company, it is essential that this discipline is understood, internalised, and available to all hierarchical levels of a health company, only then can an enveloping and synergistic result be truly obtained. “Small to mid-size business must be aware that marketing in health organisations is the transversal axis that unifies through knowledge and strategies all the processes in the production of the service,” he elaborates. “Whether they are medical, assistance, or administrative, promoting them in a coordinated manner in the achievement of objectives, exposed to the market as a specific brand. “The managers of health institutions should know that if your company is directed in the path of medical marketing (marketing Health Marketing is a medical marketing (marketing medico) management and advertising consulting agency dedicated entirely to the development of organisations in the health sector. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of private health, Health Marketing offers a wide portfolio of integral solutions for each specific requirement with its main objective being to add value to health organisations through the services it offers. For this, the company applies its own and proven methodology called Integral Health Marketing System, making the entire process more efficient so that it achieves its objectives, regardless of the size of the organisation or its level of investment, in order to substantially improve the performance of medical marketing (marketing medico) actions. “We try to increase the level of quality of all health organisations through our consultancies, so that both patients and the health institution benefit,” explains Daniel Figueroa Linares, the firm’s Senior Marketing Strategist. “Our company has as fundamental pillars the ethics and values that govern the health sciences, achieving effective, clean, and transparent medical marketing (marketing medico). ” Daniel himself has worked in the sector for more than 18 years, advising entities of the private health sector in the most prestigious institutions of medical services, dental services, occupational health, and import and distribution of medical and dental material. At Health Marketing, Daniel heads up a multidisciplinary team of professionals, all of which have extensive proven experience in the field, and all of whom have a humanistic approach based on the patient. This dedicated team is just one of the many reasons why Health Marketing differentiates itself from competitors when it comes to medical advertising (publicidad médica) strategies, including marketing for medical offices (marketing para consultorios medicos) and digital marketing for doctors (marketing digital para médicos). Daniel goes on to tell us two more critical key areas in which the organisation stands aside from others. “With more than 20 years working uninterruptedly with all types of health organisations in Peru and abroad, we have experience such as: clinics, polyclinics, medical centers, clinical laboratories, diagnostic imaging, medical offices, and dental. “We also have knowledge as we know in detail all the processes involved in the production of the various health services. This added to the specific understanding about the market and patients, result in optimal and solid marketing strategies, which differentiates us from other companies in the field.” Most Effective Medical Marketing - Lima Based in Lima, Peru, Health Marketing is an organisation made up of experts in medical marketing (Mercadeo Médico) who offer effective solutions to enable the success of health institutions. Whether it is attracting new patients, retainingcurrentones,or improvingabrand image, Health Marketing is on hand to help. We find out more as the company celebrates a recent win in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022.