Technology Innovator Awards 2022

“Our clients have a system that is fully capable and stands ready to adapt as they experience the next wave of macro and micro changes through the industry,” Sean enthuses. “Our clients are able to seize upon these disruptions as they anticipate and adapt to the new challenges facing them.” Mercury System’s devoted clients have confidence that their system is fully ready to implement any change they need quickly and efficiently. This allows the small to medium-sized insurance company to be nimble and respond to this ever unpredictable increasingly rapid age of change effectively. By anticipating and meeting this demand efficiently, clients have been able to create unique opportunities for themselves in the process. Sean’s primary focus is to always try to innovate to create a superior employee experience as improving an employee’s experience improves their engagement, and high levels of engagement lead to measurable levels of business success in all areas of the business. In addition, an engaged employee makes a great leader, team member, and collaborator. Currently, the software industry is facing a challenge whereby workers want to work exclusively from home or remotely. This can be hugely advantageous when it comes to commuting times, availability of talent in locations far from the company, and lower overheads in terms of office space and rates of pay. However, Sean feels that a cohesive team does indeed need random personal interactions and shared experiences in Best Insurance Policy & Claims System 2022 (North America): Quick Silver Systems order to become a great team, and also in order to actually care about the work that they do for their clients. “We value direct interaction,” he continues. “So all of our employeeswork out of our office and, while there are some opportunities towork fromhome one or two days a week, we see the benefit of engaged employees interacting at the water cooler and that positively affects our company culture. Our employees often hang out together after work and consider themselves friends beyond work as well.” Simply put, without its loyal staff base, there wouldn’t be a company, and Sean sees his employees as absolutely vital to Quick Silver’s success, as well as vital in future-proofing theorganisation fromdisruptions in employee retention and training. Recently, Quick Silver was recognised in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 and named Best Insurance Policy & Claims System 2022 (North America) – something that Sean wholeheartedly attributes to the strong sense of teamwork that his staff base has cultivated. “We give ownership and autonomy to our employees. This kind of caring and ownership comesmore readily fromworking in close proximity toone another.” Contact: Sean Pitcher Company: Quick Silver Systems Inc Web Address: