Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024

Innovation in Business- Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024 | 9 Fadata, a leading global provider of insurance software solutions, is pleased to announce that DICEUS has become an official partner of the Fadata Ecosystem. The DICEUS AI-powered chatbot, Vitaminise, will deliver Fadata clients excellent customer experience through customized conversational flows and convenient features. -Thanks to a low-code approach to development, Vitaminise Chatbot is a plug-and-play solution that can be implemented and integrated with the existing technology landscape in a few days. It can be adjusted and customized according to the carriers’ business lines, branding, and user journey maps. Conversational flows are structured and sequenced according to the pre-defined scenarios. To assemble a perfect chatbot script, DICEUS CX/UX specialists closely collaborate with a carrier, considering the company’s tone of voice, CTAs, business goals, and user expectations. The chatbot can be integrated with ChatGPT, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Instagram, Facebook, payments platforms, and open data portals. The AI-powered chatbot solution from DICEUS seamlessly integrates with Fadata’s core system, INSIS. DICEUS and Fadata have built a selection of product packages to suit varying needs. It means clients can select the level of package required according to subscribers, as well as their preferred chatbot flow structure. With the help of the bot, carriers’ clients can buy a policy online, file a claim, find information about the required insurance products and services, and read FAQs. Carriers, in turn, can quickly acquire new customers, launch marketing campaigns for millions of users, and increase revenue by promoting new products and services via the bot. The chatbot developed by DICEUS provokes interest among existing and potential clients, encouraging engagement with the insurance company. Illia Pinchuk, CEO, DICEUS, comments: “We have partnered with Fadata on many software development projects and are excited to become an official Ecosystem partner with Vitiminise Chatbot. Since DICEUS is focused on, and experienced in tailor-made chatbots for the insurance market, the team is thrilled to join this partnership and help carriers attract more customers by providing convenient features and proactive flows. DICEUS will collaborate with Fadata in integrating Vitaminise Chatbot with the core INSIS processes to deliver the most efficient solutions to Fadata’s customers.” Neyko Bratoev, Head of Fadata Ecosystem, comments: “Fadata and DICEUS have an excellent established relationship, therefore DICEUS’ knowledge of INSIS makes them a perfect partner for Ecosystem. Vitaminise boasts out-of-the-box specialised insurance flows, which will enable our clients to enjoy a speedier deployment of relevant chatbot functionality, enhancing their digitalisation with the future of customer communications.” As Fadata continues to announce new innovative, specialist partners, Ecosystem is building into a comprehensive pre-made enterprise solution for insurers. Each new agreement cements the Fadata ideal to provide out-of-the-box software solutions, enabling insurers to deploy new technology capabilities from different trusted companies that share the same forward-thinking ethos. With Ecosystem, insurers are empowered to stay current, react to changing market demands, and innovate into the future as they look to deliver customercentric developments. For more information, explore Fadata Ecosystem. Fadata Partners With DICEUS, Adding Chatbot Solution to Ecosystem