Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024

May21135 Innovation in Business- Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024 | 10 In 2023 Notino exceeded a turnover of 1 billion euro. The company recorded a 32% increase compared to the last fiscal, despite the general downward trend in e-commerce. Last fiscal year, the company shipped more than 20 million packages, an average of more than 56,000 packages per day, and a total of more than 109 million products. “Our successes are a demonstration that e-commerce in the Czech Republic is at the highest level in the whole of Europe. Our standards and the level of service expected by the Czech customer are taking us further, and if we can maintain this quality across Europe, we are convinced that we can still achieve a lot,” comments Zbyněk Kocián, Notino‘s CEO, on another year. “We were the first in the personal care industry to take advantage of the European Union’s common market and have created a unique centralised model of cooperation with partners such as LVMH, L’Oréal Group, Estée Lauder Companies, COTY and Shiseido. This allows us to bring together the biggest brands from across the cosmetics industry at our Brno headquarters to co-create new services for customers across Europe. We also have a very high net promoter score, which reflects the satisfaction with our products and services. More than 80 % of them would recommend our services further, which far exceeds the ratings of other European e-shops.” he added. Notino was also ranked among the top ten online retailers in 2023 according to the prestigious annual ranking of the TOP 500 European cross-border shops, compiled for the fifth time by the Belgian platform Cross-Border Commerce Europe. Specifically, it ranked 9th. A great contribution to this award comes from the excellent customer service, personalisation and innovations offered by Notino. “Notino as a big beauty player generates and collects a lot of data about the customer behaviour. This means we have good customer insights. We don’t develop all of our tools in-house, we work with large technology partners in the global market and share these customer insights with them to improve customer experience with the tools. We want our customers to find the best beauty technologies all in one place, here in Notino,” states Zuzana Melníková, Product Owner at Notino.” Tech-Driven Beauty: Notino Leads the Wave in Beauty Ecommerce For almost 20 years Notino disrupts the boundaries between the world of beauty and online shopping. This e-commerce company centralized in Brno became the first e-shop to sell perfumes online in 2004 and it created a platform for selling goods that until then no one could imagine buying online. Starting on a greenfield created the opportunity for innovative thinking and Notino’s primary goal has become to find new ways and technologies that can improve and simplify the customer journey as much as possible. Nov22652