Q2 2024

Contents 4. News - New initiative aims to close healthcare gaps in rural Ontario through in-home care powered by AI technology - Tribe Property Technologies to Acquire Toronto-Based DMSI Holdings and Announces Private Placement Led by PROPELR Growth Fund Q2 Issue 6. mc Group: Most International PR & Advertising Agency 2024 - Berlin 7. Why AI Is Ushering In A New Era Of Pricing 8. How AI and Automation Is Set to Revolutionise HR Departments Top 10 Innovators 2024 10. Cultivating a Sustainable Future 12. The Beating Heart of Cardiac Device Development 13. Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate: The Power of Data Ownership and Digital Infrastructurey 14. Avatr - Revolutionising Healthcare 15. Unlocking Taiwan’s Cinematic Charm with Stone Soup Production Company 16. Save a Life from Your Pocket 17. The Future of Education 18. Your Golden Ticket to Website Traffic 19. Revolutionising Diagnostic Veterinary Products 20. Digital Masterminds Boosting Business Performance