Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 In parallel, for the NEST® mobile application, it has club memberships, asset minting, and collectible generation for users to primary and secondary sales across to AI/ML powered marketplace authentication integrations. NEST® is inviting developers to contribute to the NEST® L1 and allowing anyone with a device, computer, or mobile to run their own nodes, contribute, and earn across the space. For NEST®, this is the start of the genuinely distributed, confidential, user-set ownershipcontrol and participation which it has worked for many years to be able to share. So, we asked Charles to give us an insight into how the success of NEST® came about. “There is no one recipe or set formula for success. The truly unique selling point or most valuable proposition can come firstly from your belief in your answer to a problem or approach at a solution – follow this – irrespective of what ‘normal’ may be held as.” He adds, “Experience can never trump curiosity and attitude. There is never an ability to train for genuine ambition or common sense. Having faith in potential has always proved far more valuable and impactful than simply selecting for education or pedigree. We are always receptive.” Alongside this, Charles goes on to tell us how important sustainability is to the company: “Sustainable becomes or is synonymous with survival or longevity. It is of critical importance. Our valuation and quantification of sustainability extends to the micro-environments of code structure in respect to say the machine resource consumption across to the macro, with our UK main office as well as the primary modes of transportation there being completely electric and solar powered. We further have digital-only in-house documentation, implementing digital tablets instead of paper.” Now, what do the next 12 months look like for NEST®? Charles enthuses, “We are staggering the launches of two B2C applications – these being the NEST® mobile environment and the marketplace. We are working closely with a variety of niche segments and industries, both in branded releases as well as behind the scenes, to introduce real-world smart contract (RWSC®) exchange. The RWSC® represents a direct and confidential control of legal exchange which can be monetised in either fiat or cryptocurrency which has a myriad of applications. Concurrently, we will be opening up the NEST® blockchain for developer contributions.” The team at NEST® focuses on bespoke development of easily accessible infrastructures and software that facilitate confidentially secured user access, ownership, and control of Web3. NEST® is truly interoperable and has its own layer-zero-to-one blockchain. Its people have built and manage both desktop and mobile applications which together provide over 50 different, first of their kind features. Having developed the first real-world authentication and control solution for Web3, the team strives to makeWeb3 tangible and to empower each user. Consumers typically have neither choice nor privacy in Web2. Facebook, Google, and Amazon are popular centralised Web2 services and often exploit personal data for profit. Through distributed ledger technologies, blockchain being one type, Web3 has the potential to give control back to users. These networks and users are decentralised and connected through peer-to-peer mechanisms. This provides the foundation to unleash a profound economic opportunity, never before available. Speaking of creating the company, Charles tells us, “We saw it more as a necessity than an option. Critical barriers for distributed genuine privacy, exchange participation, ownership, monetisation, and user control exist that no one else seemed to be addressing. Solving these critical barriers and enabling user-led control was not really about starting a business; it feels more like a personal responsibility.” Charles started the development process with the question, “How can you make choice personal?” This is not an initially simple proposition to explain. To truly “make choice personal” requires that the individual retains agency in action, that they have sufficient privacy to formulate their own judgements and decisions which are as free as possible from external influence or bias as well as they hold an active capacity to securely and safety execute those choices. He says, “For many years, we have been building, in stealth mode, a multichain ecosystem able to accommodate this complete lifecycle. Our answer to howwe can “make choice personal” is what we provide to users through our infrastructure. Confidential, interoperable, and authentically user-owned tools that privately bridge their digital to realworld divide.” Right now, NEST® is focusing on partnerships around institutional grade custody of digital assets, notary to registration services for legal documentation, fractional tokenisation of digital assets, dynamic artwork, and NFT ticketing solution use-cases which are primarily through the desktop application called AERIE or the “eagles’ nest”. These are just scratching the surface of first touch-points as well as the depth of potentials, even within the verticals. Best Next-Gen Blockchain Platform - UK NEST® stands for Naturally Encrypted, Secure Technologies, and it is the next-gen blockchain infrastructure that sets the gold standard for confidential, distributed identity and crosschain asset control. Following the success of this ground-breaking platform within the Technology Innovator Awards 2022, we got in touch with founder and CEO, Charles Anderson to learn more.