Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 provides a diverse, inclusive, collaborative, and secure place of work which inspires them to be the best they can be. Happy, fully engaged employees mean delighted customers, resulting in meaningful, long-term relationships with all.” And it is thanks in part to both its customercentric and employee-focused approach that Jaid has been recognised in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022, clinching the prestigious title of Best Al-Powered Automation Platform. Now, following on from this recent success, Jaid is determined to continue the good work for a bright and bountiful future. “We are having great success in helping financial service organisations utilise AI technology to communicate with their customers better, and we hope to expand into other industries in the near future.” Contact: Allison Chapman Company: Jaid Web Address: Best Al-Powered Automation Platform 2022 Jaid provides AI as a Service that automates and integrates customer communications intelligently into their existing workflows, leaving them to focus resources on what matters most. We find out more about this innovative product from the firm’s CEO, Dan Kramer as it is rewarded for its hard work in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. Modern AI-powered automation platform, Jaid extracts critical data fromall company and customer communications across all channels, analysing and organising it intomeaningful, actionable insights and seamlessly integrating it with existing systems and workflows. With offices in London and NewYork, the company is supporting a rapidly expanding roster of financial services clients, including ClearBank, Calastone, and Legal &General, and has established a strong partner network. Jaid’s high-profile clients rely on the company to constantly monitor and maintain their AI models to ensure optimum performance. The firm’s AI engineers and data scientists provide clients with continual access to a rapidly expanding suite of pre-trained domain-specific models based on the latest techniques. Users leverage these unique capabilities to gain a significant competitive advantage through improved business oversight and operational efficiency across the organisation. Offering out-of-the-box connectivity with all major CRMand communication platforms, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Teams, Symphony, Slack, and Twilio, Jaid can be quickly and easily integrated, rapidly deployed, andmaintained at a low-cost, leading to fast ROI to ensure that clients can get ahead, stay ahead, and be the best. “At Jaid, we innovate by helping our clients apply new solutions for old problems through technology,” explains Chief Executive Officer, Dan Kramer. “Our seamless AI as a Service solutions solve real problems with a unique combination of AI/ML, workflow, MI, and attractive UI that allows us to interpret and process unstructured human communications efficiently and accurately.” And Dan tells us that clients are seeing real benefits including increasing productivity by over 50%, improving issue resolution by up to 95%, eliminating mundane tasks and improving job satisfaction by 25%, and transforming customer satisfaction by 45%. Dan brings more than 30 years’ worth of experience in driving strategy and execution for leading financial services organisations and several successful fintechs. Previously, Dan held several executive roles, most notably as Chief Client Experience Officer at BNYMellon Asset Services and JPMorgan, where he was responsible for the fund services business and operations. Until recently, Dan was Vice Chair of Calastone, where he participated in the acquisition of the majority of the firm by the Carlyle Group. Dan joined Jaid as CEO in March 2022, having observed the Jaid solution’s transformational impact on the Calastone business. “At Jaid, weempower people to focus onwhat mattersmost,”Dan says of the strong teamthat helps thecompany to succeed. “Ourmission is to transformcommunicationsmanagement so profoundly that Jaid clients becomemarket leaders and employers of choice.” This rare combination of proven business leadership and technology innovation skills creates a productive, highly customer-centric environment run by a fearless, inquisitive group, intrigued by new ideas, unfazed by challenges, and constantly pushing the boundaries to ensure that the world-class, AI-powered communications automation platform is always ahead of the game. “People are our greatest asset,” Dan enthuses. “We strive to ensure that Jaid Oct2 474