Technology Innovator Awards 2022

Apr21843 Most Innovative PaaS & SaaS Solutions Provider - South Africa Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, SaltTech is a premier IT advisory and solutions company, focusing on extracting business value from its client’s data. As a trusted advisor, the firm serves businesses in the database, BI andanalytics, and cloudand enterprisearchitecture spaces.We findout more fromthecompany Founder and Director, Danie Loots as he celebrates success in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. SaltTech’s purpose is to maximise the true value of data, unlocking its full potential. It does this by optimising the effectiveness and efficiency of storage, structure, management, analysis, and interpretation of a company or organisation’s data. Founded by Danie Loots, SaltTech truly believes in the uncontested supremacy of data to drive organisations, society, and humanity forward. “Like salt and oil before it,” says Danie, “data has become a requirement for life!” And he’s not wrong! Looking back, every era of humanity can be symbolised, characterised, and defined by something incredibly simple. The absence of which wouldmake life as we know it all but impossible. In a bygone age, communities recognised salt as a requirement for life. It was used to preserve food and thus sustain life. So important was this substance, it was used as a form of currency, giving rise to the word salary. In the 20th century, oil was a defining symbol, the ‘salt’ of its time. “We believe and recognise that the 21st century is defined by technology, more specifically by data,” Danie states. Today, in the digital age, SaltTech recruits the best and brightest local talent and partners exclusively with global industry leaders like Microsoft and SQL Governor who offer the best software solutions to advise and deliver. The company provides a range of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions as part of its comprehensive cloud offering which is underpinned by highly skilled, certified professionals. It also offers an extensive basket of outsourced, co-sourced, and insourced database management, support, configuration, capacity planning, and administration services for Microsoft SQL Server database environments with continued performance optimisation and monitoring services to ensure its clients maximise return on their licences investments. And finally, SaltTech offers a broad array of data and analytic advisory services encompassing data and information management strategies, governance frameworks ensuring reliable data integrity and storage, together with data analysis, interpretation, and insight solutions. “Your organisation is swimming in an ocean of data from which you can derive real insights, identify new opportunities, and deliver significant business value, dramatically improving business decision making all by choosing the right partner,” Danie explains. “Let us show you how!” Recently, as recognition of its dedication and hard work, SaltTech was named in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Most Innovative PaaS & SaaS Solutions Provider - South Africa. Understandably delighted, Danie comments on this achievement: “We hope this accomplishment further serves to affirm that the SaltTech team have the skills, experience, knowledge, as well as the necessary partnerships with leading technology vendors, to deliver on our steadfast commitment to high value solutions for our customers.” Contact: Danie Loots Company: SaltTech (Pty) Ltd Web Address: Oct 25 0