Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 Nordic 247 Services is a modern Nordic innovation company which provides solutions with cutting-edge intelligence at their core. With a mission to develop game-changing ideas for big volume brands looking for a distinct competitive edge, all innovations are ecological, energy-effective, and economical. The intelligent Home of Cool branded cooling units offer superior, environmentally-friendly benefits. The units are service-free and the individual parts are practically weightless, thus producing a minimal carbon track. “Not just cool, but green too!” enthuses Veli Eloranta, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nordic 247. “This truly has been and will be our core of making things happen.” Born and raised in the freezing cold of Finland and influenced by the country’s green practices, Veli and the team at Nordic 247 believed that they could build a different cooler that is not just cool but truly green as well, whilst having the vision of becoming the preferred supplier of eco-friendly coolers for major brands. So they did! Now, Home of Cool offers unique environment-friendly electronic coolers that will pass Lab test in cooling power and electric consumption for Big Brands with use an innovative and patented combination of electric cooling elements and insulation materials, thus omitting completely the compressor and refrigerant fluid. “Innovation is a way of thinking and living,” Veli elaborates. “Observing anything that happens around you might lead to innovation. Meaningful or not, time shows, but open thinking, not forced, is the way to good innovations.” And Home of Cool is certainly innovative! The eco-friendly cooler unit, combined with the firm’s Internet of Things smart solution, is the first in the world that has passed tight tests in cooling power and electric consumption. Clever tracking on the devices provides accurate information, and rich data can be collected regarding the usage of the device. Working within such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, Veli and the teamwork hard to ensure that Nordic 247 remains ahead of the curve. Embracing the values of being open, honest, brave, and having fun describes the way that the firm operates in its day-to-day business to solve problems and offer real solutions to its customer base. “Mistakes are not a failure!” he exclaims. “If you have a real solution for a real problem, you just have to find the market and customer who is willing to pay!” Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic stunted a lot of companies’ strategies and marketing activities, Veli tells us that, instead, it created opportunities for Nordic 247. Due to the changes in market behaviour, the firm was getting noticed by larger brands who were looking around due to conventional business becoming halted. The staff at Nordic 247 play an extremely important role in the company, both in its success and its future. It is due to the commitment, dedication, and hard work of Veli and the entire team that the firm was recognised recently for its Home of Cool solution in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 and given the prestigious title of Most Innovative Cooling Units Company – Europe. “We are excited and honoured that major brands and players worldwide are joining in our offering,” Veli continues. “Regarding the future, there is a lot to do, but being able to create something new that is of global interest means we are on a great path.” Contact: Veli Eloranta Company: Nordic 247 Services Web Address: Most Innovative Cooling Units Company - Europe Founded in 2010, Nordic 247 Services (Nordic 247) develops new ideas and products for global high-volume brands and OE manufacturers. We speak to the firm’s founder and CEO, Veli Eloranta to find out about just one of its pioneering solutions as it gains recognition in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. Nov 2652