Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024

Innovation in Business- Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024 | 5 Most Innovative Data Analytics CEO 2024 Based in Paris, Sweeft Analytics is a mobile computing software company dedicated to providing cuttingedge analytics that align with the world’s most important environmental goals, reducing energy-intensive data transfers and computations. At the helm of this innovative business stands Co-Founder and CEO Pierre-Louis Usselmann, an experienced data and analytics expert who has recently been recognised in the Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024. After graduating from the Université de Rouen with a master’s degree in computer science and mathematics, Pierre-Louis Usselmann embarked on a successful career that would span the next two decades. For more than 11 years, he worked at a large life science company, where he played a pivotal role in driving data and analytics innovation. Throughout his career, Pierre-Louis developed a strong commitment to sustainability, especially in the realm of digital technology and analytics. Aiming to address the increasing need for environmentally responsible business practices, he was ultimately inspired to establish Sweeft in 2022. Drawing on his background in analytics and commitment to sustainability, he built the company with the goal of providing innovative solutions in digital analytics while adhering to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Today, Sweeft is revolutionising the digital analytics landscape by minimising the industry’s digital carbon footprint through mobile analytics solutions, leveraging the inherently lower energy use of mobile devices in comparison with traditional data centres. It employs a technique called “Mobile Selective Cloud”, the goal of which is to reduce the environmental impact of cloud operations, maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of existing analytics solutions, and enhance the user experience. Sweeft’s mobile analytics product, Oneboard, is designed to process data efficiently, thereby reducing the need for extensive computational resources and decreasing the consequential environmental impact. To minimise energy consumption, data transfer and storage processes are optimised, which requires smarter data caching strategies. In the populated tech industry, Sweeft sets itself apart through its ability to merge technological advancement with environmental responsibility, setting new standards in the analytics industry. Furthermore, committed to promoting sustainable digital transformation and driving the democratisation of data, the company strives to make its smart solutions accessible to companies of all sizes. Sweeft is also proud to play an active role in educating its clients and the wider community on the importance of sustainability in digital analytics. As CEO of Sweeft, Pierre-Louis brings over 24 years of experience to the company, along with an evolving wealth of knowledge. In the last decade, he has specialised in mobile analytics in line with the increasing significance of mobile technology, which reflects his forwardthinking nature. Leading the team at Sweeft, Pierre-Louis takes a visionary and transformative approach. On this, he shares, “I ensure that every team member understands and shares my vision of sustainable digital transformation. Regular communication, collaboration, and a culture of innovation are key to aligning the team with our goals.” Despite his success thus far, Pierre-Louis admits that the task of establishing Sweeft over the last few years has not always been smooth-sailing. “I’ve faced challenges like aligning cuttingedge technology with environmental goals and looking beyond cloud carbon footprint, which is where most companies stop,” he comments. “However, when considering the entire digital carbon footprint, other challenges have led to opportunities for innovation. This has been crucial in defining our role as pioneers in sustainable analytics.” For his outstanding work, Pierre-Louis has been named Most Innovative Data Analytics CEO, France, as part of the Technology CEO of the Year Awards 2024. On the future, he shares, “In 2024, we aspire to establish our position as leaders in sustainable digital analytics. We plan to continue innovating and expanding our reach, inspiring other companies to embrace environmentally responsible technologies. I aim to build upon this success by continuing to drive technological and environmental innovation in the analytics field.” Contact: Pierre-Louis Usselmann Company: Sweeft Analytics Web Address: Dec23253 Sweeft Analytics Leads the Way in Reducing Digital and Cloud Carbon for Data Analytics with Mobile Selective Cloud