Innovation in Business Q3 2023

May21135 The Future of the Cloud is Edge Edge is the infrastructure of Web3. It is a decentralised, serverless cloud, powered by the blockchain and owned by everyone. Edge networking refers to a distributed computing paradigm that brings data storage and computation as close to the point of need as possible. This means that applications, data, and computing power are pushed away from centralised data centres, reducing the volumes of data that must be moved, the consequent traffic, and the distance the data must travel. Therefore, latency and transmission costs are reduced. Edge comprises of hundreds of nodes, all contributed by individuals and businesses across the world. Designed to provide hyper-local processing and storage capacity for networked applications, Edge enables users to deliver digital services that are more performant than ever before. Based in London, Edge is the world’s first dedicated peer-to-peer edge network, delivering cloud services that are not only faster, cheaper, and more secure than ever before but also kinder to the environment, fairer to people, and better for business. For its pioneering leadership in its field, Edge has been awarded Most Innovative Leader (Edge Storage) in the Most Innovative Leader Awards 2023. Edge’s technology utilises the spare capacity that exists in the devices all around us. For example, set top boxes are turned on 24/7 but are only used for a few hours a day. In isolation, the power provided by a set box is minimal, but when Edge combines the power of 35 billion devices in homes across the UK, they become an extremely powerful resource. Edge’s innovative approach enables smart devices of all kinds to participate in the network, providing storage and connectivity to enable hyper-local cloud services. At the same time, the company works to maintain robust security protocols. There are a number of benefits to using Edge. Firstly, anyone can contribute and benefit from its use, tapping into its network coverage which spans 60 countries and counting. This extensive global reach enables the highest possible performance for users’ apps and content. As well as this, Edge offers improved efficiency and performance, saving users up to 90% compared to traditional cloud services. Edge is also more environmentally friendly, built using spare capacity from devices that are already in the home and office. This reduces the carbon footprint of the internet. Furthermore, Edge provides a number of pioneering products, which are all simple to use, low in cost, and incredibly secure. Firstly, Edge offers high performance content delivery with a built-in image pipeline and just-in-time media processing, which drives users’ content closer to their end users than other content delivery networks. Secondly, Edge offers short-term object caching, which acts like a content delivery network to provide a high-performance delivery solution for the offsetting of load. Cached objects follow user demand in real time, delivering within a user’s local network to provide the fastest possible response. Thirdly, Edge provides long-term object storage, which distributes users’ files across thousands of devices to provide an unmatched level of security and redundancy. Users can access and address these files in their applications. Moreover, Edge offers pioneering Edge Compute Units, which are like virtual machines but hyper-localised. With a containerised application layer on the Edge, users can deploy their applications like never before. Its real-time distribution matrix automatically deploys and scales, based on demand. Furthermore, it enables users to dynamically manage the allocation of machine resources. This means that pricing can be based on the actual number of resources consumed by their app. Lastly, Edge provides a Domain Name System (DNS), which is just like a normal DNS but with a greater level of speed and control. It is not only hyper-distributed, allowing it to operate faster, but also topographically and geographically aware, enabling the direct addressing of the Edge network. Overall, Edge is pioneering a new era of the internet by building a global, decentralised cloud that taps into the spare capacity of devices all around us. As a result of the pioneering technologies it provides, the company has been awarded Most Innovative Leader (Edge Storage) in the Most Innovative Leader Awards 2023. We congratulate Edge on this achievement and wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Joseph Denne Company: Edge Web Address: Jul23042