Innovation in Business Q2 2022

Sean and the team strongly believe in full documentation and prior to any code or system implementation, Quick Silver will create documentation and share it via the internet, so clients have continual input very early on in the development process, long before the actual screen is in production. This helps to reduce timelines and allows for a fully customised solution that fits the clients processes rather than the need for an insurance carrier to change their process for the sake of the system. Finally, all bug fixes are free, so if the system isn’t doing what it is supposed to do and the company has already delivered that feature, it will be fixed with no additional cost to the client. Many vendors are on strict time and materials billing so clients pay for the time involved even if it is fixing a mistake – that’s actually one of the frustrations that made Sean want to create new software more than 20 years ago – he grew tired of paying for fixes at another vendor that continually needed additional fixes for things that broke because of seemingly unrelated changes! All of this is coupled with the fact that the firm has years of experience in the insurance industry, plus all of its developers are here in the United States, thus reducing communication barriers and domain knowledge issues, making Quick Silver a clear leader in the market. As for the pandemic – now more than ever insurance carriers need the ability to perform remotely. Since Quick Silver’s system is 100% web Best Insurance Policy & Claims System (North America): Quick Silver Systems Quick Silver Systems is a software developer that provides the Mercury Policy and Claims Administration System, is an end-to-end policy and claims offering for the P&C Insurance Industry. based it was already the perfect solution for a remote workforce and is ready to quickly respond to catastrophic events where workers may need to suddenly be in the field or work from less-than-ideal locations. “As long as a system user has an internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone they can use the Mercury Policy and Claims System from anywhere in the world with all the same functionality as they would have sitting at their desk in an office.” With Quick Silver growing and adding clients at an even pace there is no real need to quickly grow as Sean prefers measured success and to run a company known for great customer service with an excellent system. “We continually strive to find and automate anything that is repetitive and we are always looking for new and better data to make our decisions,” he says. “One big push for us will be in the area of AI as we want to use AI in new and exciting ways within the system. “From a technology standpoint we think we have chosen a platform that will define the curve for years to come. As for the system functionality, we are continually expanding not only the features and functions but also the availability for outside access to data and APIs which continually offer all of our clients new and ever-increasing ways to look at their markets, rates, and the ability to continually improve their products so we have no plans on slowing down.”