Innovation in Business Q2 2022

May21135 Action In Automation In a world of enterprises modernizing their applications across the board – including businesses such as MoneyGram, Verizon, and SonicWall – Rafay Systems is providing a turn-key solution for the use of Kubernetes. Originally created and open-sourced by Google, Kubernetes (k8s) is a container orchestration system that has been designed to automate computer application deployment, scaling, and management. Consequentially, Kubernetes is quickly becoming mission-critical to enterprise operations, with its environments expected to comply with all the operational and security requirements they impose on their missioncritical infrastructure. Rafay Systems provides this with an easy-to-use SaaS approach – called the Kubernetes Management Cloud (KMC) – allowing the scalable implementation and management of Kubernetes – something it is proud to say works no matter which k8s distribution is used and no matter where the applications reside: on site, in public clouds, or at the network’s edge. Rafay Systems has made a name for itself as the most turnkey Kubernetes management platform currently available. Up and running in a matter of hours, Rafay Systems can get infrastructures of all scales functioning with Kubernetes, especially appealing to large enterprise scale businesses as its cloud-based architecture lends itself splendidly to a large-scale business model. Rafay Systems’ zero-trust security fabric and support for both infrastructure and application lifestyle management sets it apart from the rest. Notably, it also has a broad set of native integrations that makes the implementation process an easy and streamlined one for DevOps engineers, cutting down on setup time and making for secure, reliable workflows. All of these capabilities means that it has a low total cost of ownership, allowing companies to manage more applications with less overhead. Slowly but surely, Rafay Systems is fulfilling its mission of becoming the leading enterprise-grade Kubernetes management solution – both for For companies with DevOps teams spending more time on Kubernetes than deploying applications, Rafay Systems has made itself the go-to solution. Knowing the importance of Kubernetes management for organizations trying to modernize their applications, especially at large scale, Rafay Systems is the leading provider. corporations and MSPs – allowing them to integrate applications across a myriad of different infrastructures. Furthermore, its dedication to being enterprise grade is reflected in every aspect of its business. This includes its customer service; KMC is backed by world-class customer support, and Rafay Systems is committed to ensuring its customers can reap all the benefits of its unified cloud approach. Using Kubernetes to provision a cluster is just the first step. Every Kubernetes cluster created requires its own maintenance and installation of multiple components to make it work for in a missioncritical enterprise environment. Given that businesses will always end up with many clusters across their infrastructure, clients are encouraged to think of Kubernetes as a journey of learning that will involve multiple stages, resulting in an incredibly powerful enabler for enterprise-wide app modernization. When done right, such things will be a massive boon to business. However, the DevOps team in charge of such things is required to be proficient in dozens of other ecosystem technologies in order to deploy, operate, and create such a Kubernetes environment, making it a fiddly task as each will need to be upgraded as and when new versions or patches are created. Kubernetes cannot be ad-hoc; it requires efficient and effective management in order to be beneficial and poor management can be incredibly costly. This is where Rafay Systems really shines, taking the stress of juggling each of these factors off of the client in order to allow them to create as many clusters as they need for their business, no matter which k8s distributions the client employs and no matter where the clusters exist. With its SaaS approach, turnkey workflows, Zero-Trust security, and enterprise-grade support, it has made itself the go-to Kubernetes management solution in the industry. Company: Rafay Systems Contact: Sean Wilcox Website: