Innovation in Business Media Pack

We believe in recognising the trailblazers and brilliant minds behind innovation, whether they be an individual or a firm. With this in mind, Innovation in Business is pleased to offer award programmes to help shine a spotlight on those developing and growing tech across every aspect of the business landscape. Thanks to our industry contacts and our in-house expertise, we can put forward those who are achieving truly amazing goals. To make our programmes a true representation of the best from around the world, we open our online nomination form, so they may nominate those who deserve recognition. Integrity is at the heart of our programmes, and to make them a real representation of these incredibly diverse markets, we have ensured that there are no barriers to entry by making the process completely free to enter or win. Once they have been notified of their success, winners are offered the choice of taking the complimentary package or purchasing marketing materials to showcase their success to the fullest. Whatever they choose, our expert team works alongside all our winners so that they can make the most out of their achievement. Some award packages available include a trophy, we are pleased to offer standing glass, wall plaque, and slate versions to accompany your award title. Awards Please note all dates given are subject to change 4 Innovation in business Innovation in business 4 2024 Award Programme Nominations Close Winners Announced Media Innovator Awards 2024 Technology Innovator Awards 2024 Gaming & Development Awards 2024 MarTech Awards 2024 Nominations Open September 2024 July 2024 April 2024 November 2023 October 2024 September 2024 June 2024 January 2024 January 2025 November 2024 August 2024 March 2024